Tony and I have a tradition that goes back three years to when he first moved in with me. Every day we had a little routine. We went to the gym in the afternoon, ran errands, came home and ate, and then after we had our showers, I would give him a blowjob. As soon as blowjob time was over, I got dressed and left for work, and he took a nap. Regular as Old Faithful we were with this. The only variations were sometimes we would go to the pool and get some sun before heading to the gym. We looked great, our lives were simple and regimented. Then one day he went to the video store and rented some porn tapes to watch during blowjob time. From that he got the idea that my blowjobs were so great that he could market them. I have always swallowed his cum because he told me he loved that. And lo and behold, a star was born. The position you see in these clips, we termed the "couch blow." Tony is kicking back, all nice and comfortable, I get to lay next to him, comfortable, and he can squeeze my ass cheeks and finger my pussy as I blow him. From this position, he can also reach my titties. He also really likes getting it from this side angle because he says it reminds him of getting road head. Honestly, the only thing missing is a cold can of Budweiser, and that's just because Tony doesn't drink. So this evening I was leaving for work and wanted to take care of my man. I called him out, sucked him off into my mouth, swallowed a hot mouthful of his yummy cum, and then ran out the door, as regular as Old Faithful. Now that's what a good woman does for her man.