Tony and I booked our trip to Maui about four days ago and both of us have been glowing since then. We got an incredible deal on airfare, hotel and rental car for seven days, and are going to kick back and enjoy lying on the beach. We have both been kind of homesick since moving to Las Vegas because we miss living ten minutes from the beach, and I can already smell the ocean air, feel the humidity, and ouch, was that a mosquito? We had to get up early on Thanksgiving to get to the airport, security issues are a real hassle these days as we all know. I am soooo not a morning person either! I'm usually not even tired enough from the day before to be going to bed at six am, much less be getting up at six am and try to be functional! But the excitement of the trip got me out of bed, now I just needed something to get me motivated. Tony was climbing out of the shower just about then, and suddenly the proverbial light went on over my head. I watched his naked, tan, tight butt for about two seconds before I was all over him. I used to love giving him blow jobs on airplanes when we would travel, but these days I don't even know if bathroom trips are allowed, much less blow jobs. This whole trip including a layover and plane change was going to take about ten hours, so I knew I had better get mine while the getting was good. Plus it would get the blood flowing to all the right places for both of us and get us in the mood for a long romantic Hawaiian vacation. As soon as Tony realized what I was up to, he said we should do one last filming before we leave the mainland. He needed five minutes to get the camera ready, so I ran for the bedroom to put on something super sexy. When I got back, he was still naked, had a rock hard cock, and was holding the camera. I plopped on the couch, and began to play with my sweet smelling wet pussy and looked at him longingly. He finally had the thing figured out, turned it on, and wheeeee away we went! Within seconds I had him on the couch next to me, and had his shaft sliding between my ruby red lips. I started out on my hands and knees next to him, because he likes to watch my ass as I blow him, and this time he had mirrors all around us so he could see it from any angle. I knew he was watching me, so I began to talk dirty to him. I was so hungry for a load of his jizz in my mouth, and told him so, which made his cock grow another inch in my lips. The dirtier I talked, the bigger, longer, and more engorged he got! I had him so worked up, that it was time to finish him off. I lay down on my stomach so I could get a stroke going with my hand, and he put his hand on my ass cheek and began to squeeze it. His fingers wandered into my pussy and he began to finger me is I sucked him off. And yes, his cock grew even more. I twisted my head so I was taking his cock half way down my throat with each stroke as I worked in a twisting motion with my hand and wrist. I could feel him probing my very wet pussy more urgently now, and knew he was going to blow a nut in my mouth at any second. His legs tensed, and his fist clenched by his side, and I could see his balls pull all the way up against his body. I held on for the ride, and didn't skip a beat, as suddenly I felt a jerk in his abdomen, his feet came off the ground, his toes curled apart and he blasted off a huge gooey wad of cum that shot out the sides of my mouth, and hit my arm. The second pump I managed to contain in my mouth, savoring its sweet taste, but the third squirt again escaped and ran down his shaft for me to collect afterwards. Seeing his toes curled up like that, made me giggle and the sweet taste of his sperm collecting in my mouth made my toes curl. About nine squirts later, his heels slowly lowered back down to the floor, his muscles relaxed, and I had just what I wanted; a nice high-octane injection of premium sperm designed to make me rise and fly really high for the entire day!